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At Last, You’re Engaged and now is the time for all the planning you must begin. You have dreamed your whole life for this moment, but we understand that it can become overwhelming and you already thinking to just elope in an abandoned desert. Indian Wedding Market will help you with our wedding planning and tips steps to make the journey easier, smoother and firmer.  Keep the romance alive even after the high level of engaged bliss with this planning guide we have put together for you to be your new best friend in preparation for your magical day.


Engagement-Party1. ENGAGEMENT PARTY

While you’re still excited (and secretly wish you had an excuse to show off your ring), plan and organize your engagement party to celebrate with your loved ones!


You have to keep track of all the expenses, so be sure to sit down with your partner before closing everything to be able to set a budget and keep up with everything.

Organize-guest-list3. ORGANIZE THE GUEST LIST

You must define your numbers because this essentially affects the location and reception you choose and their capacity.

Select-a-bridal-party4.SELECT A  BRIDAL PARTY

It’ll be fun! Sit down with your partner and plan who will be in there every step of the way and how you will propose to them!

Book-a-venue-reception5.BOOK A PLACE / RECEPTION

Book venue quickly! Select the place before your date because you don’t want your heart to focus on one to find that it is not available on the desired date. Once you have booked your venue, plan your design and decoration accordingly.

Set-the-wedding-date6. SET THE DATE OF MARRIAGE

Depending on the dates and specific holidays which your wedding date may affect the pricing, venue availability and attendance. Take your time settling on a date and make sure to do your research.


Hire-a-photographer-videographer7.HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER / VIDEOGRAPHY

Do not lose your favorite because you left it too late to meet, discuss your expectations, build a relationship and of course book them! Each photographer has a unique style, you must choose carefully what suits you!

Organize-catering-for-reception8. CATEGORIES OF ORGANIZATION OF RECEPTION

We do not know about you, but the food is one of our favorite things about attending a wedding. Prepare a menu and take into account certain intolerances your guests may have.

Shop-for-wedding-dress9. SHOP FOR WEDDING DRESS

Ladies, the search for the perfect dress will be overwhelming. Grab your wedding party and start your search early. Learn about your budget, take inspiration from your creations and make an appointment with a stylist from a bridal boutique. While you’re there remember to move around in the dress and not just in the mirror. You want to ensure you’re comfortable on the day and bring your accessories if you already have one.

Decide-on-the-theme10. DECIDE THE THEME

Choose the style you want for your wedding: decoration, details, floral styling and colors. As this is going to be important to pass onto your vendors so they can work with you to achieve the look you’re envisioning.

Book-celebrant11. BOOK CELEBRANT

Don’t underestimate how quickly celebrants book up. Remember that this person organizes your first step toward marriage, you want the best in the business, so make sure you do some research and give yourself the opportunity to meet them to see if they’re the one.

Hire-a-wedding-planner       12. HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER (IF YOU CHOOSE TO HAVE ONE)

Completely optional! If you really have trouble making decisions and the whole idea of planning this one           is the lifetime event seems too much for you, have an expert be your go-to throughout the entire start to           finish process.



Begin-hair-and-makeup-trials13. BEGIN HAIR AND MAKEUP TRIALS

You need to see how much your desired beauty team actually works on your face and hair. You want to look perfect on your special day, and trails are important to give you an idea of how long your make-up and hairstyle will last as well.

Order-the-cake14. ORDER THE CAKE

Get excited about cakes tastings! When you choose a cake, think about the design, the tastes, the size, the budget, the temperature on your wedding day and a cake maker you know he does not just want your money, but to help design the cake of your dreams.

Hire-a-florist15. HIRE A FLORIST

One of the best ways to find the perfect florist is to ask family and friends for recommendations or browse online portfolios and ask for quotes and what’s included in their services etc. will they deliver on the day or you must pick up?

Source-music-entertainment16. SOURCE MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

Ask yourself if you want a DJ or live performances, and then think about what style of music and feel you what on your reception to have. Do you want a entertainment that’s meaningful, romantic or upbeat and will get your guests on the dance floor or both?

Order-the-wedding-dress17. ORDER THE WEDDING DRESS

Once you have got your heart set on the right dress, make sure to place your order in time for design customizations, fittings, consultations and alterations.



Order-bridesmaid-dresses18. ORDER BRIDESMAN DRESSES

Consider what style and design – the theme and season of your wedding will affect this, the color and length you want for the dress, but also consider whether you want them all in the same one or whether you want to accommodate for each of their personal preferences, personalities and body forms – let them express their opinion, but also remember that you want to be completely satisfied with the end result.

Purchase-wedding-bands19. PURCHASE WEDDING BANDS

Make sure you are satisfied with a budget and decide if you want the links between you and your partner to match and what material and style you are looking for.

Send-save-the-dates20. SEND SAVE THE DATES

Please note that your guests must keep their wedding date free and some will have to allow the trip. Be sure to include your names, the date of the wedding (dates if it includes a weekend), venue (a city if no venue is confirmed) and a notice for a formal invitation to follow. Do not wait for RSVP, this is simply a reminder to reserve the date.

Your guest list will now be finalized, so make sure whether or they are allowed a plus one and if children are allowed (so they can arrange a sitter!) To give you flexibility by adjusting your list of guests table if needed.

Book-honeymoon21. BOOK HONEYMOON

Set your honeymoon wishes, wishes, and expectations from the beginning. Both must have an entry here because it is their first trip as a married couple. Do you want to relax, go sightseeing or venture? Consider which country is best for the type of honeymoon you want and for the time you plan to go. Book in advance to make sure you get the accommodation and the desired activities (if any). Do not just rely on online reviews, personal recommendations or what sound or looks appealing, do a real research and set aside a budget so you’re not left short overseas to enjoy yourself.

Organize-groom-and-groomsmen-attire22. ORGANIZE THE GROOM AND GROOMSMEN ATTIRE

Keep your appearance in line with what will complement the theme of the wedding and, of course, the bridal party. Allow enough time to rent or to get your formalwear fitted. Consider matching accessories that combine, such as ties or bows, pocket squares, cufflinks, socks, and shoes.



Order-wedding-invitations23. ORDER WEDDING INVITATIONS

Pick your invitations to ensure it’s in line with the style and colors and something that reflects you and your partner’s personal life. Order samples, consider the way you’ll word the invitation, order a beautifully cohesive set of on-the-day and Thank-You cards and cannot stress this one enough … Please triple Check your final proof to make sure all the information is correct!

Organize-wedding-favors24. ORGANIZE WEDDING FAVOURS

When you select a gift for your guests, choose something that has meaning to you as a couple, is personalized with your name and wedding date, or is practical and they will actually make use of it. This is also your perfect opportunity for a D.I.Y project too!

Finalize-vows25. FINALIZE VOWS

First speaks with your officiant as they may need you to cover an important part of the ceremony. Find inspiration, write from your heart and think about your journey with your partner thus far and what your promise is to them. Keep it short and sweet and don’t forget to re-read and rehearse it!

Organize-bridal-party-gifts26. ORGANIZE BRIDAL PARTY GIFTS

Decide whether you want to give everyone the same gift or if you want to add a special touch and give each one a unique gift that’s perfectly meaningful and sentimental for their relationship with them. Also, add a personalized note!


Do not forget to plan how you, your bridal party and your family are going to get from one place to other, for example, home to the wedding, wedding to the reception, from the reception to whatever follows.


Organize-marriage-license28. ORGANIZE WEDDING LICENSE

Do not forget that you have to officially put your union on paper! Most states have a government website with useful information about what documents are required and the contact details of the office so you can go to obtain your license. Don’t forget that some states require a waiting period between granting of the license and your nuptials!

Confirm-details-with-all-vendors29. CONFIRM DETAILS WITH ALL VENDORS

Communicate with all vendors to make sure they’re all well prepared, have nailed your vision and everyone has the correct date and time to complete and take action. Double check the details to make sure there is no lack of communication about the final product.

Finalize-ceremony-and-reception-details30. FINALIZE CEREMONY AND RECEPTION DETAILS

Make sure all the details you’ve passed on the ceremony as well as for the reception have been clearly received and confirm the procession for the day and have it promised it will all run smoothly.

Mail-invitations31. MAIL INVITATIONS

It’s time to let your guest know of the finer details of your big day are and to finally send out the wedding invitations!



Haircut-and-color-and-get-a-facial32. HAIRCUT AND COLOR AND GET A FACIAL

The big day is getting closer and we want you to look as fresh as possible, it’s time to treat yourself!


Pre-wedding-celebration33. PRE-WEDDING CELEBRATION

Your Maid of Honor, along with the bridal party, will most likely plan this, so just be prepared to let your hair down and have some fun!

Final-dress-fitting34. FINAL DRESS FITTING

It’s time to take a final look at yourself in your wedding gown to make sure no alterations need to be made.


Sit down with your partner and make sure you have got most, if not all, guests’ responses.



Pick-up-any-items-you-need36. PICK UP ANY ITEMS YOU NEED

Get all the little bits and pieces together and pick up any orders and pack them carefully so that they are all ready to play their role in your magical future!

Finalize-the-seating-chart37. FINALIZE THE SEATING CHART

Lock in the seating chart and make sure all friends and family are appropriately and accordingly seated near one another -consider who will be best put together and who needs to be kept at a distance.

Wrap-for-gifts-bridal-party38. WRAP FOR GIFTS BRIDAL PARTY

Do not leave this to the last minute or the night before! Prepare everything now, it’s a less unnecessary headache on your to-do list leading up to the wedding.

Final-head-count-to-provide-to-venue-caterers39. FINAL HEAD COUNT TO PROVIDE TO VENUE / CATERERS

By now, you should have received and reviewed all your RSVPs and now it’s time to pass on the final numbers to your venue and vendors.


Get-plenty-of-rest-for-the-big-day40. GET PLENTY OF REST FOR THE BIG DAY

Relax and rest and trust your bridal party and team of vendors will take care of everything.

Get-your-spray-tan-done41. GET YOUR SPRAY TAN DONE

Go get that bronzed goddess and give it time to settle so it’s not going to stain your beautiful white gown!

Get-a-manicure-pedicure42. GET A MANICURE / PEDICURE

Relax with treating yourself to a fresh manicure and pedicure, so you’re all done!

Put-together-bridal-emergency-kit43. PUT TOGETHER BRIDAL EMERGENCY KIT

Your Maid of Honor needs to be on-call emergency kit which should include but isn’t limited to: mints, tweezers, bobby pins, hair ties, hair spray, blotting paper, make-up, sewing kit, tissues, perfume, baby wipes, fashion tape, clear polish , Panadol and above all, the wedding day itinerary and phone numbers of all vendors!

We have prepared this easy overview infographic for you to download and refer back to, and make sure you mark all those tasks and allow plenty of time to achieve the wedding of your dreams, without stress.

We hope we’ve given you a wise advice to give you a clear idea of the steps you must follow to plan your wedding peacefully and give you an idea of what your calendar will look like! Let yourself be inspired by the ideas we have presented and from the team here at Indian Wedding Market, we wish you and your partner a truly wonderful wedding day that will mark the first day of the rest of your life together.

Wishing you a happy life ahead.


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